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Services provided


• Understanding your specific business and assess your individual needs

• Job profiling and analysis, assisting with job specifications

• Use numerous methods of advertising to source qualified candidates

• Response handling and initial screening to assess skills match

• On candidate registration, obtain required documentation i.e. ID and drivers licence, academic qualifications,   payslip

• Ensure that candidate completes personal credential verification forms to grant permission to perform   background verifications

• Conduct thorough and personal competency based interviews

• Obtain employment reference checks, as well as specific verifications required

• Draw up professional and quality CV’s

• Arrange and coordinate interviews between client and candidate, do respective follow ups

• Assist with details of employment offer, coordinate any negotiations, signing and acceptance

• After placement service, with a guarantee period

I manage the entire recruitment and employment process to provide a reliable and dedicated service to each client. (Fees available on request)


• Treat each candidate as an individual with the right to privacy, respect and confidentiality

• A straight-forward, comfortable and helpful registration process

• Draw up a professional CV which is relevant to the position you are applying for

• Provide advice on various job sites

• Provide useful information in order to research the client company

• Tips and a guide on how to conduct yourself at the interview

• Provide honest and timeous feedback

• I will never submit your CV without your permission

• Develop long associations with candidates in pursuit of their career goals

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